Ballet Classes for Kids And Adults In Winchester MA

Pre Ballet
Tuesday 3:30-4:15pm
Level I
Thursday 3:30-4:15pm
Level II
Friday 4-5:30pm
Level III/IV
Monday 4-5:30pm
Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm (Variations)
Friday 4-5:30pm
Friday Level IV/V 5:30-7:30 (Variations)
Saturday 10:30am-12pm
Level V/VI
Monday 5:30-7pm & 7-8:30pm
Tuesday 6:30-8pm (Level IV/V)
Wednesday 4-5:30pm (Level IV/V) 5:30-7pm & 7-8:30pm
Thursday 7-8:30pm
Friday 5:30-7:30 Variations (Level IV/V)
Saturday 12-1:30pm & 1:30-3pm (Variations:  must attend Friday Level V/VI Variations)
Saturday 3-5pm
Thursday 4-5:30pm Level III/IV
Thursday 5:30-7pm Level V/VI
Adult Ballet (pre-registration required)
Tuesday 8-9:30pm
Saturday 9-10:30am
​Schedule and teachers for all classes are subject to change.  Pointe work for Level III-VI is included in ballet classes at teachers’ discretion.  Levels will be determined by Artistic Directors.

For curriculum details, please click here.

First Day of Classes:  Monday September 13, 2021
Days Off:
Monday October 11, 2021 – Columbus Day
Thursday November 11, 2021 – Veterans Day
Thursday November 25 – Sunday November 28, 2021 Thanksgiving
Friday December 24 – Sunday January 2, 2022 – Christmas and New Year
Monday January 17, 2022 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday February 21 – Sunday February 27, 2022 – Mid Winter Break
Friday April 15 – Sunday April 24, 2022 – Good Friday, Easter, and Spring Vacation
Monday May 30, 2022 – Memorial Day
Last Day of Classes:  Saturday June 4, 2022

• Class numbers will be limited to allow for distancing based on MA guidelines.
• Masks will be worn when entering the studios and in public areas. We ask that the youngest students (Creative Dance – Level I) wear masks in the studios until they become more familiar with distancing.
• We will be taking students’ temperatures before they enter the studios.
• Students will be asked to maintain proper social distance. Barres and floor will be marked to indicate distance.
• Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the studios.
• All areas and surfaces in the studios will be cleaned and sanitized between each class.
• Students will store personal items in the same place and stand at the barre and center in their designated spot each class.
• Students should have hand sanitizer and/or wipes packed with them along with the other essential supplies that they normally have.
• Students should be dressed in ballet attire under outer garments and have hair done in a bun already from home.
• Only students will be allowed in the studios. We are asking parent to wait outside to limit the number of people in the building.
• It is imperative that each student be picked up on time to limit contact with the next class, and for our staff to remain free to clean the studio.
• If a student has a fever, sore throat, or is feeling unwell in any other way, we ask they they be kept home until symptoms disappear.